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Our Drilling Products

  • Drill Pipe

    Drill Pipe

    We have both new and used drill pipe. Most pipe is FOB Houston. We can manufacture Range 3", 3-1/2", 4-1/2" and 5". Accepting orders immediately with good delivery times.

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  • Heavy Weight Drill Pipe

    Heavy Weight Drill Pipe

    Designed to provide a gradual transition between drill pipe and drill collars, Heavy Weight Drill Pipe improves the fatigue resistance of the drill string.

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  • Drill Collars

    Drill Collars

    We have various shapes and sizes of drill collars in stock. All connections are precision-machined to API specifications and quality-control inspected.

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  • PetroMaterials


    PetroMaterials new drill pipe inventory made in Japan with Sumitomo/Nippon tubes. All connections are 2" longer than standard with three cycle make break included, range 2.

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  • Kellys


    Kellys are in stock right now. They are drafted to API specifications, and all connections are precision machined and quality-assurance inspected.

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  • Stabilizers


    Sleeve type, rubber sleeve, integral and welded blade stabilizers to meet your requirements. Standard lengths, other lengths and sizes available on customer request.

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  • Openers


    The Security Type Hole Openers are designed for enlargement of pilot holes, directional drilling and large hole applications, with sealed bearing design for maximum bearing life and cutter gage.

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  • Roller Reamer

    Roller Reamer

    The rotary reamer is a heavy-duty design based on a wide range of operating experience. Its simplified body construction permits drilling crews to replace parts at the rig.

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  • Tubulars


    Challenger has provided the industry's leading experts in inspection and machining services, and a range of tubular products and rigfloor equipment to support your drilling operation.

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